Aluminum Hat.
Aluminum Hat.

AluminumHat is an independent Consulting, Design and Production company anticipating and serving the needs of evolving NewSpace and Aerospace ventures.  As our clients expand the boundaries of space technology, we expand the boundaries of creativity to accentuate those achievements.

AluminumHat exists to bring new media to NewSpace with passion, professionalism and purpose by engineering marketplace perceptions that enhance the ability of our clients to succeed in the competitive field of aerospace.  As recognized leaders in media design and execution, we conduct our business with the utmost regard to creativity, integrity, ethics, and social responsibility.

Specifically, AluminumHat establishes a powerful marketplace presence for our clients through the design and production of film, video, print and internet content.  Our principals have over 45 years combined experience in the entertainment industry producing award-winning projects with internationally acclaimed talent.  Our goal is to create successful long-term relationships with clients as together we define NewSpace for generations to come.

AluminumHat are perception engineers for aerospace engineers.